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Don't forget to visit our Kidz Zone and watch some videos or play our wordsearch.. The more you learn about how it feels to be bullied the more you can teach the other children how to HELP STOP BULLYING !!! Together we can make a difference .
iernan Age 7 Ireland
Sophia Isabella Aged 2 New York        
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Maybe you and your class can create a picture about how to Stop Bullying that you would like featured on our website ..

You could tell your teacher all about our Musical Play that might help to teach all of the children about bullying and how it makes the person who is being bullied feel .. If you do perform Can't Bully Me Now at your school we would love to see any pictures or videos we can show on our site send to :




If you would like to get your picture up on our website ask your parents or teachers to print one of the coloring pictures on the website, then you can color it in in you own special way .. Then ask your parent or teacher to scan or take a picture of your coloring with your first name only, your age and the country you live in, then send it to us at

Show A Little
Kindness !

W.U.G Gallery
Here you can view the pictures sent in by children who want to help STOP bullying ..
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