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"Can't Bully Me Now!" was loved by all at St. Joseph School.  The students enjoyed being a part of the actual production and learned valuable lessons at the same time.  Being able to perform in front of their peers and community organizations helped them spread the important message that bullying needs to stop!  The songs that Mrs. Barrett wrote are kid-friendly, and we still hear "Try a WUG!" being sung throughout our building.   Mrs. Barrett involved herself in all aspects of the production and made an impact on all of the children she worked with.  "Can't Bully Me Now" is an effective step in helping to minimize bullying in any school.
Karen Green, School Principal at St. Joseph School.
As a Juvenile Officer at the Batavia Police Department I’m very impressed with Lisa’s songs and musical ‘Can’t bully me now’. I believe children learn best by memorizing information. What better tool to use than music and the memorization of lyrics to impress on their minds positive actions. More often than not children are influenced by negative music that promotes violence and lack of respect. The Batavia Police are fortunate to have community members like Lisa Barrett using her musical talents to teach children how to make good decisions.
Detective, Richard Schauf Batavia Police Department Batavia NY
To Whom It May Concern: I am the Student Assistance Counselor for Batavia City Schools and a member of the Genesee County Drug-Free Coalition. At our December 2010 coalition meeting, I had the pleasure to watch the musical “Can’t Bully Me Now”, written by Lisa Barrett. Along with me, a handful of students in grades 9 -12th also attended. I, along with my students, thought the musical was very powerful and captured the lasting impact bullying has on an individual in all >aspects of his/her life. The music, which was interwoven in the scenes, was straight-forward and helped to reiterate the key messages. I, myself, could not help to sing along with some of them and even shed a tear, witnessing some of the stories that I knew some of my students could relate to. Even though the musical had middle school students as their target, my high school> students related and commented that it was nice to see peers reinforcing a message to peers.They too were singing along with the music, though they may not admit to it. Concluding, the musical, “Can’t Bully Me Now” was an excellent resource to both introduce the impacts of bullying as well as reiterate how it can spiral on to every aspect of the victim’s life. All students, K-12th, would benefit from these reminders.
Heidi Meides-Judge - Student Assistance Counselor (Batavia City Schools)
I am a mother of three young children I hope that my children never are on the receiving end of bullying nor participate in any form of bullying. Bullying is more than “kids being kids”. As a social worker, I know the lasting impact bullying can have on a young person in their later adult years. Recently I spoke with a friend of mine whose 11 year old daughter is being bullied at school. As other girls her own age, her image and self esteem are already fragile. Her daughter is beginning to experience significant medical issues directly related to the bullying she receives in school on a nearly daily basis. The play “Can’t Bully Me Now” serves as an easily identifiable piece for students, teachers, parents, and the community as a whole. With its catchy songs and relatable characters, the audience is drawn into the story of a boy named Billy. We are witness to his torment by the bullies and the ways it impacts him. By the end the viewers are well-informed on a social issue that has been so widely covered in our news media. The author of the play, Lisa Barrett, has done a wonderful job of incorporating the values of compassion, empathy, respect, kindness. She also includes the role of the by stander and cyber-bullying. I could not recommend a better venue to relay such important and relevant messages to a larger audience. This play is a must for parents, teachers and children to experience and learn more about bullying.
Laura Russell Ricci, BSW
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