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Everyone matters. That’s the vital message – a message that everyone needs to hear and understand – woven throughout the fabric of Can’t Bully Me Now, a three-act musical play written by Batavian Lisa Barrett, singer/songwriter/teaching artist who, herself, experienced the deep pain of taunting as a child. Can’t Bully Me Now conveys, in simple terms, the damage that can be done when children are picked on, teased and humiliated by their classmates. More and more, we hear about tragedies connected with bullying,with some ending in physical violence and even suicide. The production casts children as the primary actors and thoughtfully illustrates and deals with everyday situations. As the play unfolds, it infuses those in the audience with feelings of compassion, empathy, respect and kindness. Each act culminates with a meaningful song – “Everyone Matters” is one of those songs – which only enhances the play’s effectiveness as a teaching tool. Barrett takes a hands-on (if that’s the proper term) approach to educating children and adults about bullies and bystanders, and presents three simple steps that children can use to overcome bullying if it happens to them. Settings include the gym class, where bullying rears its ugly head when choosing up sides for the basketball teams; the hallway, where the “cool” kids pick on the “nerdy” kid with black-rimmed glasses; and, of course, the lunch room, where bullies decide who sits where and who will be able to eat their lunch. Moreover, the play gives the audience a glimpse of the emotions felt by those who are bullied – the nervousness, the stomach pain, the fear, the ambivalence toward school attendance, etc. –while sparking viewers to take a look at what has gone wrong in the lives of bullies and at school’s policies toward this behavior.

Consider the lyrics from “I Don’t Wanna Cry,” the song that follows Act 2.

He stepped down from the school bus; his head hung low

He was tired of being bullied, and the tears began to flow

His heart was racing, his body aching; he was so scared

His mom asked him what was wrong, and he screamed

It’s just not fair; he said,

I don’t wanna go to school; I don’t wanna be afraid

I don’t wanna be the one that’s picked on everyday

Can you make it all stop? ‘Cause I don’t wanna cry

I just wanna know why they do this

Can you tell me why?

Mike Petinella News writing consultant
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