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Can't Bully Me Now - The Inspiration.
Read all about Little Austin the inspiration behind Lisa's Music ..
Can't Bully Me Now! Musical - The Story Behind It -  by Lisa Barrett
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I am a Singer/Songwriter and Prevention Educator. I wrote my very first song, When You Look at Me, in memory of my nephew Austin. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer just shy of his 2nd birthday. I hadn’t planned on being a songwriter, but one day changed my life forever. I walked by Austin’s picture, about a year after he passed away, and I stopped to look at him. As my eyes met his eyes, I said out loud, “I can almost feel your touch, when you look at me”. That was the moment I heard this melody and lyrics in my head and began writing for the first time. I’ve been writing ever since! I went on to record an album of all original music in Nashville, TN in 2005.

I come from a very musical family. My parents were blessed to have 7 of us children, all girls. As a teen, I was a member of our church Folk Group and Handbell Choir, under the direction of my late father, Sigmund Racki. I was always involved in chorus and musicals in high school. My goal has always been very clear! I look to make a positive difference in people’s lives, through the music, in Austin’s memory. I was inspired to write the musical “Can’t Bully Me Now” for a close family member who was violently bullied. He was held down on a school bus seat and punched by a few bullies, all because they wanted to take his slice of pizza. They told him that he “just had to take the punching”. When I heard that story I was shocked, angry, and saddened. I was also teased as a child, and I never forgot any of it. I had to do something to take a stand against bullying, and so I created the musical. Thank you for supporting me and standing with me against bullying!




















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