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Can't Bully Me Now! Musical - The Story Behind It -  by Lisa Barrett
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Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Barrett. I’m a Singer/Songwriter and . I’m thrilled to be able to bring this musical to your door.

I recorded an album in Nashville in 2005. I love helping people enjoy and learn through music, in memory of my nephew Austin.
My inspiration for this musical, “Can’t Bully Me Now”, comes from a few sources. Bullying is simply out of control in our schools! It has progressed to a more violent level, and it simply must stop! My own nephew was bullied for a few years, and so was I as a child. The bullying I endured was more of the teasing type, but it was still an unforgettable hurt, even to this day. Kids would tease me about the clothes I wore while they pointed and laughed at me. I was always the last one chosen in gym class when classmates picked teams….and still; I haven’t forgotten any of it. My nephew, however, has endured violent punching on the bus. He was told to just “take it”.

I reached a point where someone needed to do something to educate our kids. I had to take a stand! We need to take a closer look at our school policies. We need to hold the bullies accountable for their actions. We also need to look deeper into the lives of the bullies themselves.
Something has gone wrong in their world, and they need help too! Finally… we need to encourage the bystanders to stand up, take action, and support those being bullied.

This hands-on musical allows kids to “feel” what it’s like to be bullied. They become the cast and crew! It teaches youth about the role of the bystander and helps them understand cyber bullying. It gives them three simple steps to overcome bullying if it happens to them. A very important addition is the teaching of some very vital emotions that are “lost” in our world today; compassion, empathy, respect, and kindness. Each act culminates with a meaningful song.

I hope you enjoy and learn valuable life lessons from this musical! Thank you!





















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